hamiltonsbutchers-co-uk-websiteWe are delighted to announce the launch of the Hamiltons Butchers Isle of Wight website for Isle of Wight fresh meat, sausages and vegetables and other quality local and British food.

The website will be developed further over the coming weeks with an expanded range of goods and produce, including our quality hand made pastry products from the Hamiltons bakery.

Hamiltons Butchers website will offer a click and collect service for the Isle of Wight, where customers may then collect their online order from any of the three Hamiltons Buchers Isle of Wight shops. The minimum purchase for click and collect is £25, with the online shopping for our fresh meat, sausages, cured and cooked meats and vegetables, This range of produce will be expanded over the next few months.

Customers can also view and select products before placing an order for Hamiltons Butchers home delivery service for the Isle of Wight, via a telephone call. Online home delivery via the website will be developed soon.

Visit the Hamiltons Butchers website here.

Thanks to our friends at Thomas Carnegie for their work on the website.

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